Exhibit·Masters provides solutions to your tradeshow exhibit and show services needs.

A TradeShow Leader

Since 1982, it has been our goal is to take the worry and stress out of your show preparation. We know that getting your booth (whether a new booth or the refurbishment of an existing booth) ready for a show and coordinating all of the show services can leave you second guessing yourself...and worrying.

Did I order it? When should I order it? How should I order it? Did I take all the steps to keep the costs down? The list goes on and on….

Exhibit·Masters, a full service Tradeshow Exhibit Organization, is a leader in award-winning design and fabrication of custom tradeshow exhibits. Located in Southern California, we specialize in custom, portable and lightweight exhibits.

If you are planning on a new custom booth, we can discuss your ideas, criteria and concepts together. Using that information, our designers will then work their magic, presenting you with an inviting exhibit solution that matches your brand.

Skilled Designers & fabricators

Our skilled exhibit designers will assist you in the planning and designing of your booth that meets your needs, grabs attention, and conveys your company vision. We will work with you every step of the way to insure your vision becomes a reality. We are proud of our record...providing clients with cost-effective exhibits that get amazing results...Designs that bring your concepts into reality on the tradeshow floor!

Our experienced builders bring quality within your budget. We have integrated old world craftsmanship with modern functional design.

offering a Wide Variety Of Products & Services


Exhibit·Masters will arrange for the installation and dismantle of your tradeshow booth at your show(s). We take care of all of it. Our labor crews are professional and have years of experience in construction and will build, install, and dismantle with attention to detail and excellence.

Transporting tradeshow booths and their components are critical. Your booth needs to arrive in great condition and on time. Exhibit·Masters offers transportation services for your booth and all display products to and from your show(s). Our shipping crew understands the importance of care when dealing with precious cargo as well as the critical nature of meeting target move in/out dates.

If you don't have the space to house your tradeshow booth, Exhibit·Masters offers their own storage facilities with competitive rates.

Excellent Customer Service

The depth of our experience enables Exhibit·Masters to make your tradeshow exhibit a profitable investment. Our full support services and attention to detail free you to concentrate on your tradeshow presentation, your products or services, and your company's promotion. No more tradeshow headaches! As a full-service exhibit organization, we can update your exhibit or display to extend its life, ship it, store it, get it to and from your shows, or fabricate a custom-designed lightweight exhibit to fit your special needs and budget. We offer you a one stop service for all your tradeshow needs!

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